Disasters and Safety

SAR has a disaster planning program that will suit all your needs for your business.

Our programs come in three parts and you can pick any or all of the programs which ever best fits your current needs.

  1. CERT Training: This program trains you and your staff to be prepared for disasters both at home and work. It also teaches basic techniques you can use in the event of a major disaster where you may have to begin rescue and recovery on your own until help arrives. We teach you basic First Aid, Search and Rescue, Fire extinguisher use, Triage, Organizational Skills, and Terrorism Preparedness. Professional help may be hours or even days away. This program will help you be prepared.
  2. ICS Training: This training program meets the federal requirements for National Incident Management (NIMS) training. We also teach the ICS 100 class and review the National Response Plan (NRP) with you and your staff. Once complete, you will receive a certificate from FEMA indicating your successful completion. Some businesses and organizations may be required to have this training in order to continue receiving funding or doing business with the Federal Government. (You should check your status in regards to these requirements)
  3. Business Preparedness for Disaster: With this course, you and your staff receive training and recommendations for preparing your business for Disaster. We discuss internal preparedness and off site storage and preparedness. A high majority of businesses never recover from a disaster in their community. If you cannot bring your business back, it affects you, your employees, and the community. Be prepared for any contingency and make sure your business will survive.


We have a highly trained staff with a wide variety of backgrounds to teach these programs and help you prepare. Our staff includes Firefighters, Paramedics, Emergency Management, Small and Large Business representatives, and Health Care.

With many years of experience and training, we offer the highest quality training you can find!

You, your staff and families will be prepared for Disaster!

Consulting Services

Our Highly Trained and Professional Staff provides a variety of consulting services. They included Business Continuity Planning; Safety and Security; Fire Prevention Safety Inspections; Fire Extinguishers and their use; and many other services. Call or e mail us for further information.  636-284-0420